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About us

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 Hajj Helpers inc. charity organization idea began three years ago in Philadelphia.  Many Muslims in the city wanted to complete their first Hajj obligation but were unable to afford the current fee.  The founder; Al-Hajj Arthur Bey began collecting money from friends, family and  community organizations, he also conducted neighborhood fund-raising events with overwhelming results from Muslim and non-Muslim Philadelphia residents. Hajj Helpers inc. is a tax deductible 

 non-profit corporate organization as of September 1st, 2019. 

 In The Name of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful

"And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage. They will come to you walking or riding on various exhausted (means of transportation). They will come from the farthest locations.

"[Quran 22:27]


Our Mission

Our Mission Assistance Program is a tax exempt non-profit charitable organization.  We understand the financial burden placed on the Hajj experience.  We intend to provide financial assistance for first time Muslim pilgrims traveling to the Holy City of Mecca.  Due to the rapidly increasing Muslim population of America and the world, Hajj-Helpers are dedicated to assisting as many Pilgrims as possible in completing the Fifth Pillar of this glorious religion in the correct and most dignified manner.  We believe in the tremendous blessings derived from participating in this noble cause, it is through the people’s generous financial contributions, success is achieved, in reality, success is from Allah Almighty. 

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Our Vision

We intend to become a world wide charity organization providing financial assistance to  first time Hajj pilgrims

We Need Your Support Today!

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